18 Impressive Examples of AI in Marketing Social Media Strategies Summit Blog

18 Impressive Examples of AI in Marketing Social Media Strategies Summit Blog

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How To Create an AI Marketing Strategy?

artificial intelligence in marketing

Afterward, we consolidate both perspectives by applying selected ethical principles to AI applications in marketing. We conclude our investigation with suggestions of how to harness AI in marketing for promoting societal and environmental well-being and with directions for future research. To date, the AI ethics landscape is rather fragmented and entails recurring principles (Jobin et al., 2019) that are of high-order, deontological nature (Hagendorff, 2020).


With big data, machine learning, and AI combined, there is little a savvy marketer can’t achieve. Armed with big data insights, digital marketers can greatly boost their campaigns’ performance and ROI, all of which can be achieved with essentially no extra effort on the marketer’s part. While this definition provides an overview of artificial intelligence marketing at the most basic level, there is obviously much more that goes into it. The evolution of big data and advanced analytic solutions have made it possible for marketers to build a clearer picture of their target audiences than ever before; and in this hotbed of advancement lies artificial intelligence (AI) marketing.

Toolkits:Digital Marketing Project Brief Template

But with the rapid rise and adoption of predictive and generative AI technologies, we’re past the theoretical stage of wondering about the potential of AI marketing. Whole Foods, the upscale grocery chain known for its organic products, has embraced the power of AI to enhance its communication and marketing efforts, ensuring they resonate deeply with their health-conscious customer base. At the heart of Netflix’s user experience lies its recommendation system, which heavily relies on AI and machine learning algorithms. AI-powered marketing allows businesses to anticipate market changes and ensure that marketing strategies are aligned with future demand, thus maximizing the chances of capturing new market opportunities. You can use AI to instantly monitor negative sentiments, select the most suitable influencers, and proactively change or adjust your marketing campaigns. Artificial intelligence processes large datasets swiftly, identifying and extrapolating patterns from past consumer behaviors and interactions.

For example, Levity’s content moderation AI quickly searches through all the relevant data across the social media channels you want to scan. It filters, tags and prioritizes based on your preferences – freeing up your team’s time to focus on more critical tasks. For marketers, AI marketing saves huge amounts of time that they would otherwise spend manually analyzing data and developing targeted campaigns. For consumers, it makes it more likely that they’ll see the content they like, which can either excite them or creep them out—if not both. Here once again, AI can help by matching products with people who have cultivated audiences that are likely to be synched to a brand’s appeal and values. Some uses of AI in this field of marketing involve taking things a step further though, such as AI-generated influencer Lil Miquela who has used chatbot technology to create an entirely digital persona.


The content creation part of promotion, though having a lower degree of automation, is increasingly handled by thinking AI, such as AI writers, to generate content on its own, or to stimulate human creativity. Customers’ reactions to promotion are still mostly measured using traditional marketing research methods. The emerging practice is to use feeling AI, such as feeling analytics, to sense, react, and adjust promotions in real-time based on customers’ emotional reactions.

AI’s personal touch: Balancing automation and human connection in real estate marketing – The Financial Express

AI’s personal touch: Balancing automation and human connection in real estate marketing.

Posted: Sun, 29 Oct 2023 04:50:00 GMT [source]

A large portion of customers, roughly 60%, are still concerned about the fact that chatbots cannot accurately relieve their issues. This creates a barrier between the customer and the business, however, this could create more opportunities for digital marketers to see where the pain points in the communication channel may lie. At the forefront for digital customer experience, Engati helps you reimagine the customer journey through engagement-first solutions, spanning automation and live chat. Accuracy & integrity of data- One of the major challenges of AI marketing is ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the data.

Step 3: Adhere to data privacy laws

Artificial intelligence, big data, and analytics are paramount for understanding the customer journey, improving day-to-day business tasks, and streamlining workflows. Your business can get real-time insights, trace the performance of your ads, and get a better sense of your budgets based on how effective each ad is. For example, you could deploy AI tools to autonomously place bids on digital ad spaces and negotiate in real time. For example, let’s say you want to use predictive analytics to better understand what your customers will soon look for in a fashion retail experience. You could use a predictive analytics algorithm to collect historical data about your audience demographics, purchase histories, and previous likes/dislikes. Once you have that data, your AI marketing platform can test and deploy a model that identifies the trends and experiences customers will be looking for in a retail store.

artificial intelligence in marketing

It involves leveraging AI to analyze customer data, automate processes, personalize experiences, and improve decision-making, ultimately driving better marketing outcomes. By analyzing customer data, businesses can find insights into their preferences, interests, and behavior and create more personalized and relevant content and offers. They can also use AI-powered chatbots or voice assistants to interact with customers in a real-time fashion and provide them with personalized recommendations and support. Salesforce equips teams with the ability to develop personalized marketing campaigns with the company’s Marketing Cloud.

Consumer Behavioral Analytics and Data Insights

Roman Kniahynyckyj from inbound marketing agency @lyntonweb shares his thoughts on the pros and cons of AI. In the coming decade, bigger portions of marketers’ work will become automated through AI-driven applications, however, this is not without the need for human ingenuity and insight to oversee the accurate implementation of these efforts. With automated responses, organizations can now better understand what their customers are looking for, and how they can resolve these issues more precisely. Better yet, it could enable marketers to have the ability to read their customers more accurately, based on their interactions with chatbots. We can argue that similar systems are already present within the marketing ecosystem; however, experts are still unaware of the power of big data, cloud migration and real-time changes made by their competitors. The next decade will see advanced AI-powered software process massive amounts of customer data and information.

artificial intelligence in marketing

To build stronger bonds between brands and customers, Ada has developed an AI-based customer service automation platform. Companies can rely on Ada’s technology to scale customer support, save time for sales agents and initiate timely interactions and connect with consumers across digital and social channels. Now businesses can provide 24/7 service and simplify repetitive tasks while refining their outbound messaging strategies. Post-COVID-19, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing market size was valued at $10.10 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $77.40 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 25.23% from 2022 to 2030. Businesses, industries, enterprises, & corporations were converting most of their production, manufacturing, & other functions to digital.

You will produce better content

As use intensity, number of users, understanding, and integration into and impact on society increase with these stages, so do the ethical challenges. The ethical issues do not simply result from the number of individuals being affected but from the manifold application opportunities of revolutionary technologies for which ethical policies have not been developed yet (Moor, 2005). Figure 1 provides a systematization of the principles identified by Floridi et al. (2018); Jobin et al. (2019), and Wright (2011)—the latter to establish the connection to information technology ethics. A unifying characteristic of the discourse on AI ethics is the focus on high-level ethical principles and little reference to philosophical ethical theories (Stahl et al., 2021).

artificial intelligence in marketing

Now as thinking AI is advancing rapidly, it is gaining the ability to assume many of the thinking tasks in marketing. Eventually will even assume many of the feeling tasks in marketing, as AI develops further. The media planning part of promotion has a higher degree of automation by mechanical AI, due to the repetitive nature of the task.

This article was written based on our research and expertise of building real-time video processing products, together with creating pipelines for applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning models. Adobe Premiere Pro uses AI for a variety of purposes, such as automatically matching colors and managing sound mixing against voiceovers. What’s great about content creation is that humans can create unique and interesting content that AI cannot, but AI can help us augment our talents to improve the quality of the final product. Every AI-generated narrative is designed to read as though it’s written by a human. The data insights and writing style of each narrative depend on the rules and formats established by your brand to best serve your audience.

  • Despite numerous benefits of artificial intelligence tools, you should understand that the technology is still developing and has certain limitations.
  • Marketers can work more efficiently and effectively to benefit the brands they represent.
  • Additionally, you may use AI and machine learning models to analyze client behavior, identify patterns, and develop digital marketing strategies based on them.
  • This incident reveals both the precision of the algorithms used by marketing companies, as well as the continued need for human oversight during the usage of these burgeoning technologies.

Coca-Cola, in collaboration with OpenAI and Bain & Company, launched the innovative “Create Real Magic” platform. Utilizing GPT-4 for text generation and DALL-E for image creation, the platform set a new standard for content creation. Netflix’s recommendation engine plays a pivotal role in its revenue model, accounting for roughly 80% of the content hours streamed on the service.

  • Content marketing is exceptional at engaging and building relationships with customers, but it also requires significant effort and resources to create and distribute quality content.
  • AI enables marketers to fulfill a dream previously considered impossible – to engage with every individual customer in a personalized and meaningful way.
  • AI can help to automate tactical processes such as the sorting of marketing data, answering common customer questions, and conducting security authorizations.
  • It allows them to identify patterns and connect data that optimizes campaign execution.

This rapidly improving ability to generate content and analyze data, including trending topics and other relevant information, empowers marketers to produce high-quality content at scale. Additionally, AI-generated content can be customised to suit different platforms and audiences, improving engagement and boosting conversions. For marketers to reap the most benefit from marketing automation tools they should move beyond that basic use.

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artificial intelligence in marketing

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